Inspired by Chris Secor

I've been doing pretty well with my Surrounded by Inspiration theme for 2014 and had a great boost of inspiration last Friday when I had my hair done by Chris Secor. Chris is my hair guy. The Middle Sister found him years ago and when she lived in New York, would be sure to book an appointment with Chris whenever she visited.

I have was never a big hair person. I have long, straigh, brown hair. I might get it cut two or three times a year. I went to Chris a few times for these cuts and found him pleasant. It was not until two years ago that I started seeing him regularly. You see...... two years ago I started coloring my hair! I was rocking this grey streak in the front and my sisters started telling me it was time to start coloring my hair. I was holding out a little bit until T told me I was getting more grey coming up and it wasn't in my streak. I called Chris and said I wanted to color my hair but I didn't want to use harsh chemicals or have a "line" if I decided to stop coloring my hair. We met and he gave me some options.

Chris is an instructor at the flagship Paul Mitchell School and is always learning about new technics and products. We found a great product to try and we talked about maintanice schedules. I was ready to commit and I went from a two times a year to a once a month hair girl. I have been very happy with Chris and my hair. Every time I leave the salon I get tons of compliments on how good my hair looks.

But that is not why I am inspired. I am inspired by a conversation we had last Friday when I was getting beautiful hair.

It really is a simple thing, but Chris knew was having a hard time at work last year and he asked how that was going. I told him how I was trying to be inspired by things and stay professional. In our chit chat he offered up inspiring advice about wishing good things for people. Using gifts (physical or time) to encourage positive relationships, And just staying out of the drama advice that really hit home. I left inspired by him and weaing a new set of glasses that I viewed work through.

Inspiration is everywhere, and I was happy to be inspired by Chris Secor.

(If you are looking for a hair person in Corana Del Mar, I highly recommend him and so does YELP!)

Thanks for the Inspiration Chris!

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