Inspired by stripes

Over the winter break I painted the inside of our house grey. I did the heart swatch test again, and T and I decided which grey we liked best. He was kind of indulging me because he was perfectly fine with Woven Straw, the color we painted our walls after the slab leak that turned into a month of crazy holes in the walls, retexturing walls, new floors, etc. etc. etc.. You can see it in this post about stenciling a wall. But I was not as big of a fan of that paint color and have been leaning toward grey walls, so over winter break, I painted our house.

The painting itself was a little bit of a comedy of errors for me. I had painted a wall in the bedroom white to do my heart test and then T and I agreed on a paint color. I painted a wall and it was too light, so I painted another wall a different color. After they dried I decided I liked the first wall better, but T and my sisters like the second wall. So I painted three walls the color they liked , Notre Dame by Valspar, and left the one white wall. We lived with it for a few days and then I decided to paint the rest of the house. There is an advantage to living in 600 square feet. Painting only takes a few days!

I divided the remaining painting into two days and started with a living room wall opposite a big window. When the paint dried it had a much blue-er tint than I was going for. The light we get in the living room is different than the light we get in the bedroom and it really changed the color of the paint. Again I paused. Do I want to paint my house this color? Is it too blue for me? Again we lived with it for a day or two and then I decided to keep painting. It was more blue than I was looking for, but I had bought all the paint and was willing to give it a try.

I painted the rest of the house and changed the stenciled wall into a striped wall and T hung up his glider over the stripes. I loved it! The pop of white made the Notre Dame paint seem grey and not blue. At least in that section of wall.

After living with the new paint, I can say I am okay with it. It is a little blue in certain light, but overall I like it way more than Woven Straw. And the striped wall is awesome! It makes me happy every time I look at it.

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