Afternoon Tea at Pelican Hill

This past Saturday the sisters and I celebrated the start of Spring with Afternoon Tea at Pelican Hill. The Little Sister is having a bit of a "high tea" obsession right now and we have been looking for places that serve "high tea" in our area. After doing a bit of research, we decided to try the afternoon tea at Pelican Hill.
I have never been to Pelican Hill, on the Newport coast, but I am pretty sure I have seen a golf match or two played here on TV. (Side note: I am not a watcher of golf, but certain people in my family are, so I might watch golf with them from time to time, if forced too :)). Afternoon Tea was at "the Resort" but it turns out there are a lot of different building locations at Pelican Hill. It looks like they are stratigically placed around the golf course. We arrived a little early and walked around a bit. It was a beautiful day and you can see the ocean in the background above. The Little Sister also swears she saw Kobe Bryant drive by in a golf cart and I believe her! (Not in the picture below, but soon after.)
Afternoon Tea requires reservations and a cute table for three had been set up for us. Menus were on the table and we were presented with a box that had tea we could smell to help make our choice. We all chose Mountain Berry!
Next the traditional tier arrived. Tea sandwiches on the top, desserts second, and scones on the bottom. The scones had lemon curd, strawberry preserves, and devonshire cream on the side!
Everything was delicious but I think my favorite was the scone. The Little Sister commented that it was made with "whole milk".... fancy! I think I liked the way it complimented the spreads but also was good enough to eat plain. It also went really well with the tea I was drinking!
Over all we had a nice time. The tea room is in the "living room" of the Resort which means there is a potential to have people walking about, but this was not a problem. The service was good and the only thing missing (according to the Little Sister) was lemon for the tea. We enjoyed ourselves and would return for tea in the future. Maybe next time we will sit by the fireplace!


Remembering Winter 2014

Remembering winter 2014.  What winter?  California has been in a drought and this last winter was awful.  It never got cold enough for the winter comforter on our bed.  The snow was lacking because the raining was missing.  I have been spending weekends at the pool for the last few weeks!  Winter just passed us by.

BUT, I still had a good time.  T and I got in a good ski trip over his birthday and I edited one of the quad-copter videos he made while we were there.  I was inspired by a lot of things this winter and got most of the summer Italy trip booked.  I am half way through my Italian 3 class and really looking forward to Italy this summer!

Winter 14 blog banner

The photo for winter 2014 was taken on Mammoth Mountain before New Years.  They were making a lot of snow, but there were still a lot of places that needed more.  My hats off to them for their effort.  I snowboarded for three days during this trip and then stopped.  The rocks were scrapping up my board and were not fun to fall on.  I was really glad we got some real snow for T's birthday and hope we can get at least one more storm in this season!.


Booked: Bordighera Apartment

A few weeks ago we booked our final accomidations for the Italy trip this summer. Thanks to my friend Enrica for doing a bit of research in her home town and sending us lots of options. We ended up going with Casa Signorile through airbnb (first time using them) and have an other apartment booked! Information about the apartment can be viewed at this link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1714863

Bordighera was my ultimate destination for this trip and I was orignally going to spend three weeks here. It is right below Nice on the west side of Italy. One of the trains goes to the Cinque Terra so we could always visit there again if we wanted!

Somewhere along the way when we were planning this trip Florence and Lake Como made the agenda and I am interested to see how this formula works for a trip. I am trying to find the perfect formula for traveling and we will see how the staying in each place for a week works.

T and I really wanted to visit Bordighera so I made sure it was part of the trip.

Now I need to book a vespa wine tour in Tuscany and get together a few more things to feel ready for the trip. Any words of advice at this stage of the game? We are on the three month countdown.....



Drone Video: Long Valley Flight

Testing the Drone near Mammoth for T's birthday. I think this was just after the best storm of the season.  We need snow!

 Long Valley Flight.  Near Mammoth Lakes, CA.  March 2, 2014


Birthday snow for T

I am just going to come out and say it.  Getting home late from a long weekend and getting up early for work the next day is it's own kind of jet lag.  Maybe we should call it car lag?  I don't know.  What I do know is that when we have long weekends away and get back late the night before work, my laundry doesn't get done, I have no food, and I feel really short on sleep.  Truth be told, that is why I stopped going to Mammoth so much, well that and no snow.
Coffee gift cards!

I am currently experiencing car lag, but this trip was worth it!  T and I headed to Mammoth on Friday afternoon for his birthday.  California was having a storm that weekend (finally!!!) and we drove through the snow to our destination.  The next day we spent the day skiing / snowboarding in the best snow we have had all year.  Some friends were up and we met them on the slopes.  That evening we had dinner together then T and I spend two more days skiing / snowboarding and enjoying the snow.
Long Valley

We also flew his new quad-copter and I hope to have some video to add to this post soon. (Posted HERE!)
Long Valley

Now everyone do the rain / snow dance for California!!!! We need some more water!