Afternoon Tea at Pelican Hill

This past Saturday the sisters and I celebrated the start of Spring with Afternoon Tea at Pelican Hill. The Little Sister is having a bit of a "high tea" obsession right now and we have been looking for places that serve "high tea" in our area. After doing a bit of research, we decided to try the afternoon tea at Pelican Hill.
I have never been to Pelican Hill, on the Newport coast, but I am pretty sure I have seen a golf match or two played here on TV. (Side note: I am not a watcher of golf, but certain people in my family are, so I might watch golf with them from time to time, if forced too :)). Afternoon Tea was at "the Resort" but it turns out there are a lot of different building locations at Pelican Hill. It looks like they are stratigically placed around the golf course. We arrived a little early and walked around a bit. It was a beautiful day and you can see the ocean in the background above. The Little Sister also swears she saw Kobe Bryant drive by in a golf cart and I believe her! (Not in the picture below, but soon after.)
Afternoon Tea requires reservations and a cute table for three had been set up for us. Menus were on the table and we were presented with a box that had tea we could smell to help make our choice. We all chose Mountain Berry!
Next the traditional tier arrived. Tea sandwiches on the top, desserts second, and scones on the bottom. The scones had lemon curd, strawberry preserves, and devonshire cream on the side!
Everything was delicious but I think my favorite was the scone. The Little Sister commented that it was made with "whole milk".... fancy! I think I liked the way it complimented the spreads but also was good enough to eat plain. It also went really well with the tea I was drinking!
Over all we had a nice time. The tea room is in the "living room" of the Resort which means there is a potential to have people walking about, but this was not a problem. The service was good and the only thing missing (according to the Little Sister) was lemon for the tea. We enjoyed ourselves and would return for tea in the future. Maybe next time we will sit by the fireplace!

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