Birthday snow for T

I am just going to come out and say it.  Getting home late from a long weekend and getting up early for work the next day is it's own kind of jet lag.  Maybe we should call it car lag?  I don't know.  What I do know is that when we have long weekends away and get back late the night before work, my laundry doesn't get done, I have no food, and I feel really short on sleep.  Truth be told, that is why I stopped going to Mammoth so much, well that and no snow.
Coffee gift cards!

I am currently experiencing car lag, but this trip was worth it!  T and I headed to Mammoth on Friday afternoon for his birthday.  California was having a storm that weekend (finally!!!) and we drove through the snow to our destination.  The next day we spent the day skiing / snowboarding in the best snow we have had all year.  Some friends were up and we met them on the slopes.  That evening we had dinner together then T and I spend two more days skiing / snowboarding and enjoying the snow.
Long Valley

We also flew his new quad-copter and I hope to have some video to add to this post soon. (Posted HERE!)
Long Valley

Now everyone do the rain / snow dance for California!!!! We need some more water!

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