Booked: Bordighera Apartment

A few weeks ago we booked our final accomidations for the Italy trip this summer. Thanks to my friend Enrica for doing a bit of research in her home town and sending us lots of options. We ended up going with Casa Signorile through airbnb (first time using them) and have an other apartment booked! Information about the apartment can be viewed at this link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1714863

Bordighera was my ultimate destination for this trip and I was orignally going to spend three weeks here. It is right below Nice on the west side of Italy. One of the trains goes to the Cinque Terra so we could always visit there again if we wanted!

Somewhere along the way when we were planning this trip Florence and Lake Como made the agenda and I am interested to see how this formula works for a trip. I am trying to find the perfect formula for traveling and we will see how the staying in each place for a week works.

T and I really wanted to visit Bordighera so I made sure it was part of the trip.

Now I need to book a vespa wine tour in Tuscany and get together a few more things to feel ready for the trip. Any words of advice at this stage of the game? We are on the three month countdown.....


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