Remembering Winter 2014

Remembering winter 2014.  What winter?  California has been in a drought and this last winter was awful.  It never got cold enough for the winter comforter on our bed.  The snow was lacking because the raining was missing.  I have been spending weekends at the pool for the last few weeks!  Winter just passed us by.

BUT, I still had a good time.  T and I got in a good ski trip over his birthday and I edited one of the quad-copter videos he made while we were there.  I was inspired by a lot of things this winter and got most of the summer Italy trip booked.  I am half way through my Italian 3 class and really looking forward to Italy this summer!

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The photo for winter 2014 was taken on Mammoth Mountain before New Years.  They were making a lot of snow, but there were still a lot of places that needed more.  My hats off to them for their effort.  I snowboarded for three days during this trip and then stopped.  The rocks were scrapping up my board and were not fun to fall on.  I was really glad we got some real snow for T's birthday and hope we can get at least one more storm in this season!.

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