Three nights in Denver

Can I just say life is a little crazy right now. It seems like it always is this time of year for me, but this year seems extra busy. I posted a quick video about the campsite Mo and I had in Pinnacles National Park last weekend and then found myself on a plane to spend three nights in Denver for a conference. This week I go to San Jose and Santa Barbara and then I wrap up a class I am teaching and only have a few weeks until summer break and Italy! Run, run, run. What's the saying? You sleep when you're dead? Sounds about right.
So Denver. I was lucky to attend a conference in Denver this last week and to have some pretty good weather. I stayed at the Curtis Hotel and it was close to the center of downtown. The conference itself kept me indoors most of the day, but evenings were open and I decided to find a fabulous place to eat dinner each night. I love to eat, and that is one of my favorite things about traveling. I considered just making it a pub trip as Denver is know as the Napa of beer, but ultimatly decided finding really good food would make me happier.
My first night I had dinner at The 9th Door and it was fabulous! I ate at the bar and got there 5 minutes before the kitchen was closing. I ordered the Carne de Cerdo (short ribs), Datiles (stuffed dates wrapped in ham), and the Ensalada Remolacha (beet salad). I had a malbec that the bartender ended up buyin for me. He was fabulous and I was able to sneak in an order of Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos (stuffed peppers) before the kitchen closed. They were AMAZING. I wish I could of eaten more because I would of had more of those.
The next night the restaurant I ended up at was Osteria Marco. That place was BUSY for a Wednesday night and I found the last seat at the bar. The bartenders, again, were fabulous. I had the burrata and the mussels with housemade sausage. My mouth just started watering thinking about them. I had a red wine blend from Italy and the nutella cake with banana gelato for dessert. Good thing I had to walk everywhere in Denver!
My last evening I went to the Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen. Again I sat at a bar, but not THE bar so I had a server instead of the bartender. No problem, she was great. I was seated near the open kitchen so I got to see a lot of food come out. This place was amazing! I tried two different beers. I had the Roasted Califlower Salad. Still drooling over that one. I hope to recreate it and was so happy when the chef gave me th recipe for the poblano-jalepeno marmalade that goes with it! I also had two of the sausages with four dipping mustards. For dessert I had the s'mores pot de creme and found that recipe online HERE. Try it. So good.
When I wasn't eating or at the conference I tried to explore Denver a little. Here are some pictures from my days. I really enjoyed the city and am hoing I can make it back.


INSPIRED: Tone It Up Bikini Series

I believe things happen for a reason.  I don't always know why or even understand things later, but things, they happen for a reason.

I am not sure why I injured my foot gardening (I'm calling it extreme gardening) and developed Plantar Fasciitis, but I did and I haven't been able to run, bike, walk for exercise, etc. since the end of February.  Luckily I could still snowboard!  It has been very frustrating.  Running clears my head and keeps me fit.  I miss it.

I was planning on starting P90X 3 in March so I could complete it by the time we went to Italy but there was no way that was going to happen with my foot.  So I tried swimming (SO COLD) and a few other things before I just decided there was not much I could do until my foot healed.

Around this time I was re-introduced to ToneItUp.com.  TIU is run by two friends, Karena and Katrina, and they have been making workout videos on the beach for the last few years and posting them to YouTube.  I came across their website and read about something they were calling the Bikini Series. It starts April 28 and goes for 8 weeks until the first day of summer.  I was in.  It would give my foot time to heal and be a fun workout to try.  They were inspirational.

Then I took it a step further and invited my sisters and sister-in-laws to join me. Co-workers who did the 30-Day Shred with me,  and staff I work with.  I thought the Bikini Series idea was a cool idea and I am excited to commit to it for eight weeks!  Who else is in?

You can sign up here:


El Niño next year?

T and I were in Mammoth for maybe the last storm of the season a few weeks ago and these posters were everywhere! It was season pass time and Mammoth is calling for an El Niño year. I hope so! California needs it!