Three nights in Denver

Can I just say life is a little crazy right now. It seems like it always is this time of year for me, but this year seems extra busy. I posted a quick video about the campsite Mo and I had in Pinnacles National Park last weekend and then found myself on a plane to spend three nights in Denver for a conference. This week I go to San Jose and Santa Barbara and then I wrap up a class I am teaching and only have a few weeks until summer break and Italy! Run, run, run. What's the saying? You sleep when you're dead? Sounds about right.
So Denver. I was lucky to attend a conference in Denver this last week and to have some pretty good weather. I stayed at the Curtis Hotel and it was close to the center of downtown. The conference itself kept me indoors most of the day, but evenings were open and I decided to find a fabulous place to eat dinner each night. I love to eat, and that is one of my favorite things about traveling. I considered just making it a pub trip as Denver is know as the Napa of beer, but ultimatly decided finding really good food would make me happier.
My first night I had dinner at The 9th Door and it was fabulous! I ate at the bar and got there 5 minutes before the kitchen was closing. I ordered the Carne de Cerdo (short ribs), Datiles (stuffed dates wrapped in ham), and the Ensalada Remolacha (beet salad). I had a malbec that the bartender ended up buyin for me. He was fabulous and I was able to sneak in an order of Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos (stuffed peppers) before the kitchen closed. They were AMAZING. I wish I could of eaten more because I would of had more of those.
The next night the restaurant I ended up at was Osteria Marco. That place was BUSY for a Wednesday night and I found the last seat at the bar. The bartenders, again, were fabulous. I had the burrata and the mussels with housemade sausage. My mouth just started watering thinking about them. I had a red wine blend from Italy and the nutella cake with banana gelato for dessert. Good thing I had to walk everywhere in Denver!
My last evening I went to the Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen. Again I sat at a bar, but not THE bar so I had a server instead of the bartender. No problem, she was great. I was seated near the open kitchen so I got to see a lot of food come out. This place was amazing! I tried two different beers. I had the Roasted Califlower Salad. Still drooling over that one. I hope to recreate it and was so happy when the chef gave me th recipe for the poblano-jalepeno marmalade that goes with it! I also had two of the sausages with four dipping mustards. For dessert I had the s'mores pot de creme and found that recipe online HERE. Try it. So good.
When I wasn't eating or at the conference I tried to explore Denver a little. Here are some pictures from my days. I really enjoyed the city and am hoing I can make it back.

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