Brunch at the Getty Center

A few weeks ago I had brunch at the Getty Center. It was in celebration of a special birthday and I had a great time. T and I had our second date there right after it opened and it is always cool to go back. Brunch was good and I would do it again. The Getty Center seems SO far away (an hour) but once you get there it is nice to be able to linger. The whole center incourages lingering and brunch was just icing on the cake.
We ordered champagne and then had some starters and mains for brunch. I might have gone for dessert if T hadn't ordered the donuts for his starter! Lucky for the table, we all got a bite.
The weather was fairly nice and after brunch we vivited the Ansel Adams (photo) show, a Jackson Pollock Mural (painting), and Hiroshi Sugimoto (photo). T and I met when we were photo majors and really liked the photo shows.
Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:
It makes me smile that they are both looking at things that are not my camera...
Who knew they still had pay-phones?

You can see downtown LA in the background here.
This is a combination of my favorite photos. The restaurant had a wall of plates with words on them. When they were setting up our table I took a photo of the middle sister next to one and then got each person (except me and T) standing next to which ever plate was next in the row. I wish T and I had gotten one becuase I think they are fun. Brunch at the Getty Center is recommended! We had a great time.

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