Dancing Flight Attendant on the way to Italy

Ciao! It is about 6am on Day 2 (if you count the day of arrival as day one) in Italy! Italy, Italy, Italy! A very loud street sweeper thought I should continue waking up early here so I thought I would make myself a cup of tea (coffee later with the crew) and listen to Florence come awake. Today is our museum and attractions day. The weather looks fabulous.
Our trip started out great with Dad and Jan dropping us off at LAX bright and early (Happy Father's Day Dad!) us getting put in a much shorter security line (awesome if this happens at LAX) and then we had this awesome flight attendant dance and sing the safety information for Virgin America!

Confession. The sisters and I were ear-plugged and eye mask ready when the flight attendant mentioned that Michael was going to sing and dance the safety information. When the music started, I paid attention, and this guy was Fabulous. The Virgin America safety video is pretty cool on it's own, but Michael did an amazing job lip-singing and dancing to the whole thing. It was a great way to start our flights. I didn't film it (phone was off like a good flyer) but I did find some articles and videos on the Internet. Check these out and I hope you get a chance to fly with Michael on your Virgin America flight!

Our first flight ended in JFK (New York) and I thought we would need to go to the international terminal for our next flight, but it seemed we were in a version of an international terminal and our flight was leaving from a few gates down in three hours. As we only had carry-on luggage (yeah us!) we didn't need to leave the terminal. We ate dinner at JFK and then got on the plane with ALL these people.
We were in the last boarding group, but that ended up being good because we were close to the front. We also didn't have seats together, but switched with people so we did! We flew Emirates (first time) and I think it was fine. It was a flight from JFK to Milan and then to Dubai. We were surrounded by Italians and I got to practice a bit of my Italian before I forced myself to sleep most of the flight. I read somewhere recently if you don't move your body for 15 minutes, you will fall asleep. I used this trick on the plane and it worked! I was trying really hard not to get jet-lag and I think it worked (for the most part).

We then took the shuttle bus from the airport to Milan Central Station (10 euro), bought our train tickets at the automatic ticket kiosk (50 euro), I got an Italian SIM card put in my old iPhone for an Italian phone number at TIM (20 euro) and then we were off to Florence!

The sisters and I arrived in Florence (Santa Maria Novella Station) called Guiseppe with the apartment and walked over and met him. I was a little nervous (you always wonder if the pictures are better than the real thing) but was very happy with our apartment.

Jay and A arrived about an hour later and we then we met a friend of A's and his Mom for dinner at Za Za which was also a restaurant Guiseppe had recommended.
(photo from Jay)

After dinner we walked to the Duomo and had our first gelato of the trip. There was some event happening on the Arno river near the Pointe Vecchio. I just googled it and found this on FlorenceInferno.com:
  • Pitti Immagine Uomo – Luci ed Emozioni sul Ponte Vecchio: The new lighting of the Ponte Vecchio and a great acquatic show by the famous french performance group Ilotopie. At 9 p.m.
We looked a bit, but the crowd was huge and we were getting pretty tired so we made our way back to the apartment and went to bed a little after 11pm. All in all, a pretty good first day in Italy!

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