Florence in a day

Day two in Italy was basically Florence in a day. If you are going to do the tourist things, these are what you will probably end up doing, or at least some of them. We decided to try to see a few museums this day and managed to get in a lot of the sights. It ended up being A LOT of walking, but a great day. We had reservations at the Academia and Uffizzi Gallery and the rest of the day we took it as it came.

Jay and I were up early and got some coffee at a local place called Shake. It was a happening little coffee bar and even had items to go. We got coffee for the girls as well as fruit and some chocolate croissants.

When everyone was ready we made our way to the Duomo. Our first museum reservation (Accadamia) wasn't until 1:45pm so we had some time. Here are the fashions for the first day.
(photo by Jay)

We had originally thought we might just go into the Duomo (church) because it was free, but the line was pretty long and we ended up climbing the bell tower instead when we found out the Duomo Museum was closed. (Italian language side note: I asked a police officer about the Duomo Museum in Italian and was able to understand it was closed and then got directions to buy tickets for climbing the bell tower almost all in Italian!)

There are multiple places to stop on the way up the tower to take photos, but the top offers amazing views of the city. Plus you get the famous dome of the Duomo in your photos! It looked a little stormy when we were up there but I loved it. I had never done it before and it was an item on my list.

Check that one off!

Next we ping ponged our way over to il Mercato Centrale.

I am a fan of "farmer's markets" and this was close enough for me. Multiple little stalls set up under one roof. Meat, cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables. Plus some shops to eat. Very cool. We are planning to go there again to get some food for a picnic. On this day, Jay and I had a snack!
(photo by the Little Sister)

I had my snack outside San Lozenzo church with the Little Sister while A shopped for a leather jacket and Jay and the Middle Sister checked out the Medici Chapel.

Next it was time for our reservation at the Accadamia to see "David". If you go, make a reservation. We waited in line for about 15 minutes. People without a reservation were waiting for three hours. I am not sure if David is worth a three hour wait..... but we got to see him. Check that one off.

Our next reservation for the Uffitzzi was at 4:30pm so we had a little time and stopped by the inside of the Duomo....

And then went to the free day at the Gucci Museum. No photos allowed in that one, but it was cool. Then we made our way the Uffitzi Gallery (reservations again). Jay, A, and the Little Sister all listened to the Rick Steve's audio tour. You can download it for free, while I listened to music and the Middle Sister enjoyed the museum without music or the tour. It was fairly crowded and the Middle Sister and I finished before the other three.
From here we crossed the Ponte Vecchio and took a few pictures.

We then found a great wine bar for aperativo named il Santino and had a good bottle of wine. It was tiny and at first there were a few Americans in it but soon it was packed with Italians. We ended up each having a glass of different wines and then liking the Middle Sister's so much we got a bottle. We had a few snacks and then got a bottle of wine to go. When I was paying the bill the owner asked us to stay for a bit and brought us out some biscotti before we left. Great little place.

On the way back to the apartment we took a few pictures on one of the bridges. Jay took the ones below. They make me laugh!

Here is one of the selfies I took from this photo shoot. I'm liking the photos Jay took more.

We then went home and had a bottle of wine and looked at all our photos. It had been a really full day!

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