Lucky Dozen: Italy

It's the final countdown for the Italy 2014 trip and I am SO excited!  And nervous.  Just a little.  Seeing as I booked everything, I hope everything turns out. And even if it doesn't, it still kind of does.  I guess it is the nervous of the unknown. And I am a little nervous about speaking Italian.  But then I remembered the first time I went to Italy and knew ZERO Italian and still made it by okay.  The Italians are pretty forgiving if you at least try...

As the departure date was approaching, I kept an eye on the weather as I decided what to pack.  I have learned some lessons from the Paris trip (packed too much, wore the same few items most of the time) and the Ireland trip (a heatwave started when we were on the plane over and I did not pack for that) and the Russia trip.  I also made sure each apartment we rented had a washing machine so I could pack a minimalist or capsule wardrobe.  As the Lucky Dozen treated me right HERE I decided to base my outfits off of the original Lucky Dozen design.

Here is the original Lucky Dozen.  So named from the Lucky Magazine article.

And here is my Lucky Dozen: Italy. 
Notice I am missing a few pieces?  I guess it is more of a "capsule wardrobe" then a Lucky Dozen, but I plan on mixing and matching everything.  Pretty easy as almost everything is BLACK.  I know.  But I wear a lot of black.  It is what is in my closet.  I did throw in a pink scarf and a colorful necklace.... And I have a bathing suit and the long version of THIS beach cover-up.....in black....

Here is the month long calendar that went with the original Lucky Dozen.  I am going to use it as my base in Italy.  I am also going to upload photos to my Flickr account under the LUCKY DOZEN album if you want to see the outfits in action in Italy!
Italy! Italy! Italy!

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