Lake Como and Varenna

Part Two of our Three part Italy trip was on Lake Como. This was a Middle Sister idea. T met us in Milan and the six of us continued our Italy trip in the Italian Alps. I had rented a Villa through VRBO (read about that HERE) and I was blown away by how amazing it was. You can see our house tour HERE. Here is a photo of the Villa. It is the grey-tan one on the left.

While the Florence part of our trip was about always being on the go, our Lake Como trip was more about slowing down and enjoying the lake. Even though it took us a few days to get into that vibe.
(photo by T)

Our Villa was centrally located in Varenna between the old town and the ferry terminal. Jay (now know as Giacomo Aperativo) found great places for us to eat on TripAdvisor and T and Jay's sister-in-law and their niece and a friend came to visit from Belgium! We ended up being a big group.
(photo by Captain Giacomo)

We explored the central part of the lake on the day ferry passes. Sometimes we were all together, and sometimes we were not. It was kind of the joy of the ferry system and being in a smaller area. We always met for dinner and enough of us had Italian phones (or phones that worked in Italy) that we could text message each other if we need too.

Some highlights from this part of our trip included:

A fabulous meal at Ristorante La Vista
(photo by T)

Dipping our feet in Lake Como. It was cold!
(photo by Jay)

T making friends with the Carlo as he fished outside our house and Carlo giving him fish!
(Photo by T)
(Photo by Jay. You can see T talking to Carlo!)

The violin player who was outside the Villa the first day we arrived. That is our gate on the left. You could hear the music in the house!
(Photo by T)

Watching Italy play in the World Cup in Italy!

Being trapped in a down pour during Aperativo and then trying to make it home.

Our miss adventure to the Fox Town outlets.

Watching 50 people try to help a tour bus get on the ferry. You can see all of our group in this photo (but me) if you try.

Finding fabulous scarves in Bellagiao.

T and Jay getting to see their niece in Italy.
(Photo by Jay)

Paddle boarding Lake Como for A and the Belgians.
(Photo by Jay)

Finding Italian "Food Trucks" at a market in Lenno and getting roast chicken for 3 euros!

Early morning ferry rides with beautiful light and glassy water.

All in all, Lake Como was a great addition to our trip. It helped us slow down and relax. It showed us the Lake kind of life. Our Villa was fabulous and a little over the top. It worked for us because we were a big group. The food was pretty good and the ferry system was great! Aperativo happened everyday and there were a few dance parties on the balcony.

It was raining on the day we left and I said Lake Como was sad we were going. I was sad too, but think we spent the perfect amount of time there. We were able to relax and explore the area. I would recommend Varenna as a home base and look forward to the next time I can visit this area.
Next stop, Bordigheria!

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