Inspired: Painted Pots

Let's start with the finished project. My old terracotta pots are now these modern planters. I added lemongrass and some ducting for heaters and came up with this. I am pretty happy with the outcome. That chair is one of a set that I got for $30 at a garage sale. I LOVE chairs and currently have two too many in our house. That is why these get to live on the patio with my "new" pots.

This project was inspired by Pinterest and a few blogs. YoungHouseLove had THIS tutorial on painting pots and CasaCullen had THIS one. I kind of merged them together and spent all day painting some pots. I emptied all my plants out, cleaned the pots, and got to work.

I sprayed a few coats of Thompson's WaterSeal letting them dry between coats, and then painted each pot with external Wrought Iron paint from Benjamin Moore. Our kitchen door is painted this color and it looks almost black inside our house, but outside on these pots it looks dark grey.

Each pot got two coats of paint and the 24 hours to dry before I planted anything in them. I painted the numbers on our gate the same color so we are matchy-matchy! They were originally going to go outside our back gate where our plumeria tree (also in a painted pot!) lives, but some strange weather has brought out a few mosquitoes so we have been keeping the lemongrass on our patio. Overall, I am pretty happy with the results and grateful for the inspiration!

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