OC Fair 2014

I love county fairs. As a kid we would go to the LA County Fair every year and my favorite thing was riding the ponies. That was all I wanted to do. My parents indulged me and my horse crazed youth. I remember my Mom was into the "home arts" section and being dragged in to buildings with art and quilts. In high school I went to the county fair with friends but in college I really started to love them.

The Orange County Fair is / was close to where I was living at the time and because I was into photography those art buildings became more interesting. Now a days I still look at all the art but have found I like looking at the "home arts" section that deals with canning and beer making. I also love the food and indulge in when I go.

This year T and I went three times for a few hours each time we went. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the 2014 OC Fair:

The "home arts" section of the fair is the best designed exhibit by far. It is technically outside and under a tin roof between two buildings. They do great things with signs and lights and chairs. The designers of this section have done an amazing job year after year. I get some of my favorite photos there.

Of course I love the fair food and had some staples as well as a new item.

The stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeƱos that started T on his journey to perfect this (which he did)!

The tiny piece of the maple bacon donut I remembered to photograph right before finishing it. This donut is the size of a paper plate and I convinced strangers to split it with us. I think we could of eaten the whole thing, but better that we didn't.

The Chili Relleno Cheeseburger that won Best of Fair. It was amazing.

Then we have some fun photos from around the fair. The flowers at the farm were looking exceptionally beautiful this year.

T had some fun with the giant camera outside the photo exhibit.

And I was busy taking selfies with Allie the urban chicken.

The weather was amazing at the fair this year and staying through sunset was fun too. For some reason the County Fair just feels like summer to me. It holds a piece of my heart and I am excited for next year already.

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