October Spiders

I noticed the change in the air last week. A few mornings ago it seemed much darker when I got up to run. Then my neightbor found one, an October Spider, or at least that is what we call them here. By the time October comes around they are HUGE and many morings I avoid walkways and their webs. I guess we are not the only ones who call them October Spiders. When I see them I know; it's time for fall.

I think every season is my favorite season in Southern California. The climate is mild, but we do have seasonal changes. And every time we do I think the new season is my favorite. So I guess they all are. I do prefer the fashions of fall and winter, but each time I feel the new season coming on I get excited for all the things it will bring.

This fall is no different. The kids are going back to school and I started thinking about my sweaters and boots that are packed away. All of a sudden roasted pumpkin seeds sounded good and I started looking at soup recipes. Some weekend trips have been planned and my mind jumped to the weather changes and what will be at local restaurants.

It was so subtle that change in the air, but it is almost here. Fall. I can't wait!

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