Ikea Hack Closet

Have you heard of Ikea Hacks? It's a phenomenon where people take items from Ikea and either embellish them or use them for a completly different purpose. When I was talking to my friend Naya about this she said, "Isn't that what you are supposed to do with stuff from Ikea?". Well yeah....

The truth is I DO think that is what you are supposed to do with stuff from Ikea! I am lucky to live close to an Ikea and remember just going there in college to walk around and get ideas. I would always have house "problems" in mind and sometimes I would find something that could be my solution at Ikea. Now Ikea might not have designed that item to do what I ended up using it for, but I like to think that Ikea was trying to be frugal with their packaging and wanted to encourage creativity among it's patrons. In that sprit, Ikea Hacking is the norm.

Looking around our current home, we have a bit of Ikea stuff. Like I said, it's close, but most of it has been hacked. I think the only thing that screams Ikea is our dish drainer, and maybe our phase one kitchen cabinets. But maybe I have lived with the stuff too long to notice. You let me know as I start posting some of our Ikea Hacks.

First up! My closet. I don't have a before picture because we did this years ago, but my closet was your typical closet with one closet rod and one shelf. I am a maximizer and organizer of space. The first year we had our house we scrapped the "popcorn" off the ceiling with the help of a friend and retextured them. I got to retexture all the closets in our home (three total). During this time we decided to clear everything out of the closets and redo them. One closet was the front coat closet. We added two high shelves in there, raised the closet rod, added key hooks and an outlet so we could put our wireless printer in there. T's closet also got a makeover but he has updated it twice since then and then we had my closet in the bedroom.

Here is what it looks like today: (the grey hearts on the wall were a painting test).

We started with the PAX Wardrobe frame from Ikea and purchased some shelves and a drawer. The second drawer was added when T decided he didn't like the PAX system for his closet. He installed two closet rods and a shelf above them. I asked him to size the closet rod so my red Ikea boxes from about twenty years ago would just fit on it. Then he installed one more shelf above it.

Over time I installed belt hooks and a bar behind my clothes for thick scarves and pashminas.

I also talked T into installing these ATTEST knobs so I could hang some necklaces.

And sometimes I use Ikea items for the written purpose, like this hanger which I use for a growing collection of scarves.

So there you have it, my Ikea Hacked Closet. There are still things it needs, but it is much more functional than it was and I am very happy with it. Anyone else have some Ikea items in their home that is slightly hacked? How do you like it? I am loving ours.


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