Native Plants at Palomar College

Do you remember my Library friend AC? She switched jobs and now works at Palomar College. Happy for her, sad for me, but we still talk and I got a chance to see some native plants this past weekend at Palomar College with her. She is not really a plant person, but I was on her campus last spring for a conference and told her how much I loved the landscaping. A few weeks later she asked me if I wanted to go on a tour in the fall and I said YES! So we did.

My day started out well when I flipped the minute and hour numbers on google maps and arrived in Oceanside an hour early.... Rather than cramp her morning style I headed over to Beach Break Cafe and had the amazing Banana Crunch French Toast! Here it is! So good, but I could only eat one piece.... and still have room for all the bacon that came with it.....

I saw this in the bathroom and laughed so hard. Well played Beach Break Cafe....

I met up with AC at 9am and we enjoyed a native plant talk sponsored by the Friends of the Palomar College Arboretum and then toured some of the native plants around the campus.

Not all plants on the campus are native, but Palomar College is filled with other drought tolerant and Mediterranean plants. Considering we are in a heat wave right now, it was nice to see how the plants were managing and to hear about the maintenance of the landscaping. What can I say, I'm into that stuff.

After our tour AC and I had lunch at Stone Brewery. We split the Stinky Cheese Platter and Cheese Soup. I then had the appetizer short ribs and she had the veggie pot pie. My beer was one paired with the cheese platter but I can't remember what AC got! Stone was pretty cool.

The next day I was up early running along the Santa Ana River Trail when I realized that all the plants there were California natives! It was like a light bulb had gone off. I have been running by these plants for years and all of a sudden I knew exactly what they were! The truth is we never stop learning and I was excited to immediately get to use my new knowledge. Of course I am not sure if other were as excited as I was, but I guess at the end of the day it doesn't matter what makes you smile, as long as you get to smile!

This day inspired me to get out a little bit more often. Try new things, and pay a little more attention to the details around me.

Have you tried something new recently or been inspired by something around you? I hope so!
Like I said, never stop learning....

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