Visiting Ventura

This past weekend T and I took a short road trip to Ventura to visit a friend / neighbor from our San Luis Obispo days back in 2000-2005! He looks exactly the same. T has seen him off and on over the years, but I think it had been about eight years since I last saw him. I have never been to Ventura. I have driven through it a lot and know where the In N Out is located, but had never really checked it out. It is a fun town. Sort of a bigger beach city that backs up to some mountains. The 101 freeway bisects part of it but the downtown area is pretty cool.

Per usual, this was a bit of an eating trip for me. We arrived and had lunch at Anacapa Brewing Company with our friend and his girlfriend. We split a margarita pizza and some deep fried stuffed jalepenos. Our friend was catching us (me) up on his life over beers and it was a relaxed place to have lunch.

Next the coffee drinkers (all but me) decided to have a coffee on our downtown tour of Ventura. The place our friends like is called Palermo and it has a great coffee shop vibe. In addition to selling coffee, they also have gelato and a little bookstore like place in the back. We had coffee here on Saturday and Sunday. And when I say "we", I mean I ordered tea.....

I found out on this trip that Ventura is known for it's thrift stores. There were a lot of them on Main Street and we spent some of the afternoon walking around and exploring them. I got some great belts, a hat, and some napkins all for under $5. Score! We also explored a cool furniture store where I could dream about my chair obsession...

For dinner we visited Capriccio. Dinner was good, but I really enjoyed the dessert! Big surprise. We shared the Dolce di Plantano and the chocolate flourless cake with raspberry sauce.

The next day we had a leisurely breakfast at the Cajun Kitchen and then T and I spent some time at the Camarillo Outlets. It was a fun weekend and I am looking forward to my next thrifting trip in Ventura!


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