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Last weekend Library AC of THIS trip to San Francisco and THIS arboretum tour met me in Oakland California to try our a restaurant named The Souly Vegan. Spoiler alert: we never made it to that restaurant. The idea was born when we had dinner at The Lark in Santa Barbara with Dan from Oakland. Read about that dinner HERE. Library AC is mostly a vegan and there was a restaurant called The Souly Vegan in Oakland and Dan said if we come up we could stay with him and his family. Fast-forward six months and we did. The weather was fabulous and I have tons of photos from the trip....
I flew in early Friday morning. Library AC was at a conference and Oakland Dan was working. I had plans to meet both of them at the Oakland Museum of California for Friday Nights @OMCA later that day. I had flown in so early so T could still get to work on time and wasn't really sure what I should do. At the airport I picked up a BART (public transportation) schedule and saw this jem as well. Fun places to go on BART seemed like just what I needed. (And a special shout out to the friendly BART worker who stopped me from buying a $20 BART pass and suggested $10 would be fine. She was right!).

So my first destination? The Old Oakland Farmer's Market. I have a thing for Farmer's Markets...
The market was buzzing in the early morning and I enjoyed seeing a lot of produce used in Asian cooking at the market. Made me long for a kitchen. Instead I purchased some persimmons and snacked on them as I walked around Old Oakland looking for a place to have breakfast. I am a fan of Yelp and it helped direct me to Chop Bar where the strawberry-pear-orange aqua fresca I ordered looked like this....
Like a fancy cocktail, but it's not! Swanky. And delicious in a not sweet way. Kind of almost like early fall strawberries and pears should taste.... It inspired me to start making these again and maybe leaving out all the sugar.... but I'm daydreaming about this drink (yes it was that good) and should tell you I had Eggs ala Cazuela with Grilled Vegi Mojo which was two eggs baked in a roasted tomato-pepper sauce served with an arugula salad and some toasted baguette. Also very good. From there I walked around a bit and then made my way to the Oakland Museum of California.

The Oakland Museum of California is a museum that focuses on California art an the natural sciences and history of California. They also have great lockers to store luggage! I was meeting Library AC there around four and Oakland Dan and his family around six, So I decided to look explore the museum in the early afternoon. What a jem! The open garden on multiple levels feeds into the open architecture. A concrete building, I thought the museum did a great job of creating interesting exhibits on each level. I really enjoyed the hands on natural science and history section and was inspired by there small exhibit honoring the garage and the start of Silicon Valley.

That evening I enjoyed food trucks, live music, and a little vino at Friday Nights at the Oakland Museum of California with Library AC and Oakland Dan and his family. The museum was packed and I thought it was a cool thing they did. I of course loved the Food Trucks!
The next morning I went for a run before Library AC and I went to Berkeley to check out their Farmer's Market and the town. Berkeley was playing UCLA in college football and the BART was a little full...

After the Farmer's Market we walked around Berkeley a bit checking out some thrift stores and the Public Library. The Public Library had a vinyl record collection! We eventually stopped for lunch at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen for some amazing cajun/creole food. I am still thinking about the hushpuppies.....

After a stop in Oakland we had dinner with Oakland Dan and his family in their home. His wife made some amazing Vietnamese sandwiches and then we played Bocci Ball on the court in their backyard! So fun.

The next day I went running with our friend's wife around Lake Merrit and we all had an amazing lunch at NIDO before Library AC and I headed to the airport where we had a few glasses of wine at Vino Volo and then were on our way.

I had a fabulous weekend in Oakland and look forward to my next trip there. Public transportation was amazing. The food was really good and staying with Oakland Dan and his family really made the trip. October is a busy month of trips for me and I had a great time getting to see Oakland!

Next up.... Santa Barbara!

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