December Workout

I have had the most fabulous Thanksgiving break.  It started with a great Thanksgiving dinner.  Dinner that was served at 5:30pm so I had the morning to exercise and then the day to "cook" crock-pot mashed potatoes based on THIS RECIPE and make sweet whipped potatoes and a Christmas Salad.  The cooking was minimal.  Then my sisters and I watched all the Harry Potter movies over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  All eight of them!  I also did some gardening, had friends over for dinner and we have Christmas lights up on our house.  It was a pretty good four days.  And in the midst of all of that, I thought I needed to come up with a workout for December.

A few Decembers ago T and I did the Whole 30 and it was a challenge.  This December I wanted a bit of a challenge, but mostly I just want to feel strong again.  And to maybe kick myself into workout gear now that my semester is soon going to be over and I will be back in the office in January.  I am  over-committed sometimes so I thought about this one a lot.  I have a 200+ miles running challenge starting on December 3rd and I wanted to up my running and do the 30 Day Shred (everyday) for the month of December.  Everyday is hard, but "The Shred" is a good workout and only 30 minutes.  I look back over this blog and see I turn to it again and again.  Some people are committing to doing The Shred 3 times a week during December and I think that is great.  For me it is a challenge to Shred everyday, but I want to greet 2015 (OMG it is 2015!!!!) with a strong body and focused mind, and this is my road map for that goal.

Does anyone else make crazy goals in December?  Or is it just me?

I am going to check in here with my progress to see how I am doing over the month.  Wish me luck!

Week One= 100% Shred!
Week Two= 100% Shred.  Switched to Level 2 on day 11.
Week Three= Missed one day.  Switched to Level 3 on day 21.  So 20 out of 21 days so far!
Week Four = Two missed days.  Drove to the mountains and missed some days, but overall pretty happy with my month and only missing 3 days!

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