Tea at The Ritz

Tea at The Ritz was a Little Sister idea, but I have always loved the idea of tea with family and friends and was happy to join her is this adventure. I looked back over my blog and saw I have posted about tea before HERE. There is something elegent and special about high tea. And while I associated it with more of a female activity, I have dragged T to a high tea or two in Hong Kong and even he enjoyed it.

For this tea the sisters and I took our Mom. The Ritz is in Laguna Niguel or North Dana Point to the locals. It overlooks Salt Creek and this is the photo I snapped as we sat down to tea.

The Ritz is, well THE RITZ and everything was amazing. The Middle Sister is a vegitarian and The Ritz had customized some items for her. We had two servers the whole time and I never needing anything. Tea was at Raya and started with a glass of champagne.

Our table was intimate enought that we could have conversations and also big enough that we had enough room for our tea and such. Each tiered serving tray fed two people. Everything was very good. I preferred the strawberry preserves over the lemon curd for the scones and very much enjoyed the savory items on the tray.

Overall tea at The Ritz was a very enjoyable expierence and I would do it again. I would rate it higher than our tea at Pelican Hill because of the excellent service, variety of food served, and the view. If given an option between the two teas, The Ritz would be the winner today.

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