December in Photos

December has been a whirlwind month, but I guess it always is. This December was a little different for me because I was lucky to be on sabbatical and able to work on my project at home. The time at home made me realize how busy December is, but I got to have rest days between all the holiday commitments and that was awesome! Made me want to win the lottery and not have to work all over again....

Looking back at my iPhone I found some great photos of the month. It started with Pomegranate Jelly making with my Mom and sisters. Last year the tree was pruned so we did not make jelly and this year the weather and drought in California limited the number of pomegranates on the tree, but we still made a few batches! And we made waffles and a big breakfast to keep us working.

Next the Little Sister organized a Cocktails and Cookies, cookie exchange party. What a crazy sugar overload that was! The Middle Sister was in charge of cocktails and had build your own Champagne cocktails (five of them) and then a peppermint white Russian and an Apple Cider cocktail with some Italian soda options as well.

We enjoyed the Huntington Harbor Boat Parade with my Dad and Jan and then I found some funny and inspirational signs at Nordstroms when having lunch with a friend.

The sisters and I went to The Nutcracker and I was given holiday cookies by lots of neighbors. I feel like this was new this season, but very nice.

Samson The Grey Cat was not too into the holiday spirt, but our friends were and we had an amazing Prime Rib dinner and spent a Girl's Day checking out MaxLove Project and Pueblo Tapas!

The sisters and I made ravioli for Christmas Eve (Spinach pasta with butternut squash and Lobster and Crab ravioli), we had Christmas breakfast with the Moms and Christmas dinner with Dad.

Then T and I headed up to Mammoth where he is skiing and there is just a bit of snow falling right now. We went to Mono Lake one afternoon and are planning on having a cozy New Year's Eve in with the Fish Whisperer.

It was a bit nastalgic to look over my photos from the month of December. Made me realize I need to take more photos of people! It might be the coming of a new year and the time spent with family and friends, but I am thankful for my life and all those in it. Here is to looking forward to a great 2015! Cheers!

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  1. Man..we had a great December! Thanks for being part of mine.