Inspired: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Year of the Horse (2014) has been a pretty inspirational year. I have found myself inspired by little and big things. Even bad things inspired me to be a better person. I guess I just started looking for the silver lining when ever I found myself in a cloud.... which wasn't too often luckily.
I can't remember who recommended I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad; but someone did and I picked it up at the library a month or so ago. I slowly worked my way through it (renewing a few times) and have just completed it. In a nutshell, the book is about a kid (Robert) and his friend Mike who ask Mike's Dad (Rich Dad) how to be rich and the lessons the author Robert T. Kiyosaki learns from his "Rich Dad" and his real Dad who he calls his "Poor Dad" because that dad never made any money. The book is full of stories and lessons and while some of the things Robert does to become rich are a little dated (the book was published in 1997) the overall book is inspirational and informative. So much so that I got some other books at the library about the same subject. If I had owned this book I would have underlined a lot of little sayings Robert had but the only two I wrote down were:

"Often in the real world, it's not the smart that get ahead but the bold." -Robert T. Kiyosaki

"Listening is more important than talking. If that were not true, God would not have given us two ears and only one mouth." -Robert T. Kiyosaki

He makes a good point that we are not taught how to be financially literate in our society and that really hit home for me. I had just recently started thinking about retirement (it's a long way off right now) and this book helped me realize I was not taking responsibility for that part of my life. It helped me step back and look at some of my grown up investments. It also helped me look at my own consumerism with a critical eye. Now granted, maybe that is not what everyone wants to do so this book might not be for you, but like I said, I am looking to be inspired, and this book inspired me.

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