Happy 2015

Happy New Year!

Yes I am about five days late, but I have been Internet-less for a bit and am just coming back into that part of the civilized world, so Happy 2015! If you recall, I don't do resolutions because I have goals and themes for each year and I usually settle on those around Chinese New Year (which will be February 19th (your birthday Mom!) this year and is Year of the Sheep). I am pretty sure I have a theme, but am still working on some goals. One thing I have already done is sign up for the Huntington Beach Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday! I ran 7.5 miles yesterday and I am slow! But I did it and signed up, so wish me luck.

Were you looking at the photo above and wondering "What the ......?". Yep. That is a fake deer. It used to live in front of my dad's place, then my sister's place for years. There were two of them and they were HEAVY. They belonged to my Dad and finally he said we could get rid of them when they started falling apart. I think there were some bunny rabbits too. One of our neighbors liked them and so one day the Little Sister and I wheeled one over to her house and left it in her yard. When they came home they laughed so hard and those neighbors LOVE that deer. Every holiday they dress it up and this is what I came home too after New Years. It is so fun to see the deer dressed up. UPS drivers stop and take pictures with it, random strangers driving by stop for selfies, that deer has a great new home. Now we just need to plant some flowers around it's beat-up old legs......because it is here to stay!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Oh man, I love that deer. I am voting it as the neighborhood mascot!