Iceland this summer

Booked!  This summer I am going to Iceland.  Crazy.  Iceland.  So cool.

So I feel a little bad about this story because T and I talked about going to Iceland for our honeymoon but then thought it might be too expensive and went to Mexico instead.  The Mexico trip was awesome but we always talked about going to Iceland still.  Then last summer I planned the majority of the awesome Italy trip and was feeling planned out when I talked to Mo and asked about an Iceland trip that a friend of hers leads through GeoTours.  He doesn't always do Iceland, but a few weeks later she said he was going to Iceland in summer 2015 and I said I was in.  T didn't want to go on a "group trip" and decided not to go but the Middle Sister signed up because of THIS weekend Mo and I spent in Pinnacles National Park.  So as of right now Mo, the Middle Sister and myself are heading to Iceland this summer.  Our airfare is booked and our Walter Mitty soundtrack has been downloaded.

Iceland here we come (in about five months......).

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