Siracha Chop

Siracha Chop

I know.  Not very pretty, but this little number has graduated to T's new favorite meal and we might of had it for dinner two nights in a row.  It was a silent dinner as we both just sat there and ate.  And after, words were slow to come back because we couldn't find a way to describe what we had just eaten.  The only thing we could say was it was "really good".  Really, really, really good.

T followed this recipe from Lady and Pups using Hawaiian sandwich rolls and kraft singles as the cheese.  Our house was smokey, the burger was messy and we are down half a bottle of siracha, but these are really, really, really good.

Spicy.  Complex flavors. Hawaiian rolls were key and be sure to grill them on both sides. Even the smashing at the end adds to the dance of this siracha chop.  The only bad thing is that it seems you can only make two at a time which means it might just be T and I enjoying these at our house for awhile......

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  1. And you had it again and I was able to taste it (finally) and it was pretty awesome!