Huntington Beach Half Marathon 2015

Nothing like a half marathon to have you sleep all the way through SuperBowl only to see the last 43 seconds of the game.

I am not sure what motivated me, but on January 1st I signed up to run the Huntington Beach Half Marathon on SuperBowl Sunday.  The weather was amazing and me and 20,000 of my close running buddies (strangers) thought it was a good idea!  Thanks to T, the Little Sister, and Dad and Jan for cheering me on and driving me home.

My time for this half was 3:02:52 (my slowest ever), but I think that leaves room for improvement and I think I am going to run this half marathon every year!  

Here are some photos from the day.  The second half are compliments of the Little Sister.

And now some photos from the Little Sister:

Me crossing the finish line.

And then walking (very slowly) to the car.  My legs hurt, but just because they were sore and tired.  No injuries so far (knock on wood)!

And this was my favorite photo from the race!

So the good news is I set a goal and achieved it.  The bad news is that I have now set that goal for each year and I want to improve my time.  Well, I guess it is a love / hate goal.....Because who really LOVES running?  Not any of my new 20,000 running buddies...

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