French Chocolate Mousse

Returning from a Paris trip in 2009 I mentioned that I wanted to find a chocolate mousse recipe I love and perfect it.  Fast forward to 2015 and I have yet to make a chocolate mousse.  I did everything else on that list but make chocolate mousse!  The Little Sister has been asking me about it for years (literally) and last week sent me this video:

  1. Did you watch it?  I laughed out loud many times.  
  2. Such an easy recipe! And the cup of coffee, genius.  
  3. I do wish I was French and Perfect too...
So I saw this video and thought, "This could be one of my signature dishes..." and was thinking of making it when the Little Sister made it for a neighborhood event.  And it was delicious.  And it reminded me of that goal from 2009, and then I remembered that whole eating mostly Paleo thing.  And I had a bit of a reality check as I was rushing off to the grocery store to test out different kinds of chocolate and coffee for this recipe.  And that reality check stopped me from making 5 different version of French Chocolate Mousse on that day and had me put this recipe away for the next special event that requires a delicious and decant dessert.  And when that event happens, I will start my journey looking for the perfect chocolate mousse!

Do you have a Chocolate Mousse recipe you love?  Please share!  I would love to try it out.



Drone Video: Gone Tufa

Gone Tufa (too'-fah) from Torii Ott on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago T and I took a trip to the Eastern Sierra for his birthday (again).  And (again), T made a cool video with the quadcopter (above or linked HERE). Last year we went and you can read about it HERE and see the video he made of Long Valley HERE. I edited that video, but T has started editing his own videos now and they are looking pretty good.  We started these Eastern Sierra birthday adventures in 2012, and they seem to have become the thing T likes to do now.  I talked about it in 2012, and it seems T has gone back to his outdoor ways.  Me?  I'm just along for the ride.

Truth be told, T really wanted to ski this weekend, but he injured his knee a bit the week before (remember THIS?), and skiing was out for him this trip (it's cool, he got to ski two weeks later).  It was to bad too, because Mammoth FINALLY got a little snow. The Fish Whisperer and I went skiing / snowboarding on Monday when a lot of people had gone home.  Not too long of a wait, but man, does Mammoth still need a lot of snow....

We arrived in Mammoth on Saturday after a slow drive up with lots of stops for drone flying or taking pictures.  The town was busy and we decided to avoid it a bit that first night.  On Sunday we drove to Mono Lake where T made the video at the start of this post.

T at Mono Lake with the snow covered path and storm clouds coming in.

It had snowed a little that night and was cold enough that things were not melting. We had our fingers crossed that more snow was in the future and were loving the storm clouds in the sky.  T flew his helicopter and I carried the big black case around.  On the way back into town it started to snow!

The town got a good dusting and Monday the Fish Whisperer and I went skiing / snowboarding.  It was my first time going this season and a lot of the runs were closed.  BUT it was nice to have fresh snow and I got a few runs in before calling it a day.  That night we had dinner at Campo in the Mammoth Village to use some vouchers T and the Fish Whisperer had.  Pretty good meal.  If we go back we are going to just order the BEE STING Pizza with salami, serrano, grana, honey, and onions.  It was AMAZING.  That pizza with a beer or glass of wine would be perfect.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it....

Our last day we spent the morning at the Looney Bean having tea and coffee and working on editing the Mono Lake video.  The snow had stopped and we were talking about how every year we have come up for T's birthday it has snowed for him.  It was a great couple of days and T said he had a great time relaxing and being in the Eastern Sierra.  I think we might be back again next year....


Inspired: Feeling French

This post has been coming for awhile.  It was one of those things that wrapped around me like a sunlit day and all of a sudden I realized what was surrounding me.  I was being inspired and "feeling french".  

Now it's hard to say that this happened all of a sudden.  It is one of those things that waxes and wanes.  I think the difference this time was that I noticed it. And then I consciously started paying attention and maybe even being a little bit more french than usual.

Now "feeling French" is a state of mind and I am sure it is different for everybody.  For me it usually centers around how I present myself to the world (my wardrobe, my hair) and how I organize my home (clean, no clutter).  This time around I noticed it in the foods that surrounded me.  Like the strawberry tart the Little Sister made above.  Or the fried egg on the kale salad with bacon that T made below.

My inspiration was fueled a little more by the Little Sister and her french inspiration as well.  And by the book Entre Nous that she brought over and of course I reread Lessons from Madame Chic!  That book is awesome!

But the truth is, when I am "Feeling French" I just try harder in my own skin.  I dress up for myself.  I eat with fancy table linens even if it just me.  And I stop to enjoy things a little more.  Kind of how our life was when we went to Paris in 2009.  

But then I wane a little and find myself not feeling as french.  Or in my eyes, not as french.  And I miss it and wish it was just how I normally was.  So then I inspire myself and work toward the person I want to be.  That California Girl with a certain je nais se quoi.  Always put together.  Classic. The cross between Feeling French and feeling me.  I guess that is the joy of the journey of life... I get to keep walking down the road and to find myself.  And really, isn't that what life is all about in the end?


Inspired: Social Media Marketing

I think my theme from last year, (Surrounded by Inspiration) has carried over to this year and I was inspired by a faculty presentation before the semester began and enrolled in her Social Media Marketing class this semester and am loving it. I enjoy learning and find myself taking a class almost every semester. One of the perks of working at a Community College I guess. This class is fascinating and we are only in the second week! I am blogging by iPhone currently, but will update this post with the textbooks and a link to the class when I can. One of the textbooks is so interesting I even downloaded it to my phone so I could read it where ever I happened to be. Why can't all learning be this fun?


Class is BUS 105: Social Media Marketing

  • Social media implications, opportunities, and challenges for business and communications professions. Students will participate in content creation; practical, ethical, and effective use of an array of social media sites, applications, and resources. They will evaluate the impact, effectiveness, and design of various elements of social media marketing.