Drone Video: Gone Tufa

Gone Tufa (too'-fah) from Torii Ott on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago T and I took a trip to the Eastern Sierra for his birthday (again).  And (again), T made a cool video with the quadcopter (above or linked HERE). Last year we went and you can read about it HERE and see the video he made of Long Valley HERE. I edited that video, but T has started editing his own videos now and they are looking pretty good.  We started these Eastern Sierra birthday adventures in 2012, and they seem to have become the thing T likes to do now.  I talked about it in 2012, and it seems T has gone back to his outdoor ways.  Me?  I'm just along for the ride.

Truth be told, T really wanted to ski this weekend, but he injured his knee a bit the week before (remember THIS?), and skiing was out for him this trip (it's cool, he got to ski two weeks later).  It was to bad too, because Mammoth FINALLY got a little snow. The Fish Whisperer and I went skiing / snowboarding on Monday when a lot of people had gone home.  Not too long of a wait, but man, does Mammoth still need a lot of snow....

We arrived in Mammoth on Saturday after a slow drive up with lots of stops for drone flying or taking pictures.  The town was busy and we decided to avoid it a bit that first night.  On Sunday we drove to Mono Lake where T made the video at the start of this post.

T at Mono Lake with the snow covered path and storm clouds coming in.

It had snowed a little that night and was cold enough that things were not melting. We had our fingers crossed that more snow was in the future and were loving the storm clouds in the sky.  T flew his helicopter and I carried the big black case around.  On the way back into town it started to snow!

The town got a good dusting and Monday the Fish Whisperer and I went skiing / snowboarding.  It was my first time going this season and a lot of the runs were closed.  BUT it was nice to have fresh snow and I got a few runs in before calling it a day.  That night we had dinner at Campo in the Mammoth Village to use some vouchers T and the Fish Whisperer had.  Pretty good meal.  If we go back we are going to just order the BEE STING Pizza with salami, serrano, grana, honey, and onions.  It was AMAZING.  That pizza with a beer or glass of wine would be perfect.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it....

Our last day we spent the morning at the Looney Bean having tea and coffee and working on editing the Mono Lake video.  The snow had stopped and we were talking about how every year we have come up for T's birthday it has snowed for him.  It was a great couple of days and T said he had a great time relaxing and being in the Eastern Sierra.  I think we might be back again next year....

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