Inspired: Feeling French

This post has been coming for awhile.  It was one of those things that wrapped around me like a sunlit day and all of a sudden I realized what was surrounding me.  I was being inspired and "feeling french".  

Now it's hard to say that this happened all of a sudden.  It is one of those things that waxes and wanes.  I think the difference this time was that I noticed it. And then I consciously started paying attention and maybe even being a little bit more french than usual.

Now "feeling French" is a state of mind and I am sure it is different for everybody.  For me it usually centers around how I present myself to the world (my wardrobe, my hair) and how I organize my home (clean, no clutter).  This time around I noticed it in the foods that surrounded me.  Like the strawberry tart the Little Sister made above.  Or the fried egg on the kale salad with bacon that T made below.

My inspiration was fueled a little more by the Little Sister and her french inspiration as well.  And by the book Entre Nous that she brought over and of course I reread Lessons from Madame Chic!  That book is awesome!

But the truth is, when I am "Feeling French" I just try harder in my own skin.  I dress up for myself.  I eat with fancy table linens even if it just me.  And I stop to enjoy things a little more.  Kind of how our life was when we went to Paris in 2009.  

But then I wane a little and find myself not feeling as french.  Or in my eyes, not as french.  And I miss it and wish it was just how I normally was.  So then I inspire myself and work toward the person I want to be.  That California Girl with a certain je nais se quoi.  Always put together.  Classic. The cross between Feeling French and feeling me.  I guess that is the joy of the journey of life... I get to keep walking down the road and to find myself.  And really, isn't that what life is all about in the end?

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