Inspired: Social Media Marketing

I think my theme from last year, (Surrounded by Inspiration) has carried over to this year and I was inspired by a faculty presentation before the semester began and enrolled in her Social Media Marketing class this semester and am loving it. I enjoy learning and find myself taking a class almost every semester. One of the perks of working at a Community College I guess. This class is fascinating and we are only in the second week! I am blogging by iPhone currently, but will update this post with the textbooks and a link to the class when I can. One of the textbooks is so interesting I even downloaded it to my phone so I could read it where ever I happened to be. Why can't all learning be this fun?


Class is BUS 105: Social Media Marketing

  • Social media implications, opportunities, and challenges for business and communications professions. Students will participate in content creation; practical, ethical, and effective use of an array of social media sites, applications, and resources. They will evaluate the impact, effectiveness, and design of various elements of social media marketing.


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