Slow jog, it's how I run

In 2007 I ran my first (and only, so far) marathon.  Twenty-six point two miles.  It was my first race, ever.  I had started "running" in 2005 and decided I wanted to run a marathon in 2007.  I trained for six months and at mile twenty-one on race day, a blind lady passed me.  My estimated completion time was 5 hours, it actually took me almost seven.  My family cheered me on throughout the race and when it was finished T said if he knew it was going to take me so long, he would have walked it with me.  He might of been fired from the fan club that day.

Moral of the story, slow jog: it's how I run.

Truthfully, I don't know why I started running.  I have "bad feet" in that I was born with clubfeet, wore cast through the first 5 years of my life and then had surgery on my feet and had to learn how to walk all over again.  Hence, "bad feet".  Here is one of the few photos I have with me in casts.
So why did I start running.  The truth is I don't know.  I was living in San Luis Obispo, in the process of moving to Southern California, and weighed more than I had ever weighed before.  T had already moved south and I was finishing my job in San Luis Obispo and going to school in Southern California.  I took the train twice a week and was living with a friend.  Money was tight so I had cancelled my gym membership and started running because I needed to do SOMETHING to be healthier.

Running was hard.  I had no flow.  My breathing was a mess.  But my mind was clear.  I am not a morning person, but could only run in the morning because of my schedule.  So I was up with the dawn and somehow became addicted to the way running calmed my mind.  I feel like it took me a year to build up to running a mile, but once I made it to the first mile, I decided I would run a marathon.

And after that I just kept running.  Some years were better than others, but it is something I have done at least three times a week since I started in 2005.

 Now after ten years of running I realized I know nothing about running form.  I mean to run, you just go out and run.  And I was running on Saturday in new fitted shoes and my feet were hurting and things were not working so I switched up my feet placement when I ran and had my mind blown.  It was like night and day.  For years I have been running with my feet in front of my belly button and on Saturday I started running with my feet in front of my hips.  A light bulb went off and I decided it was time to look at running in a different way.

I hope you will indulge me as I go through this journey.  It is time to become a better runner through education. And while it might not make me faster, it will definitely keep me running longer!

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