Red lipstick wedding

A few weeks ago T and I attended a family wedding at the San Miguel Mission near Paso Robles California.  It was a whirlwind week for me, being out of town for work, and I had to pack everything ahead of time.  I went with a simple black dress and packed my new red lipstick that I got on our Vegas trip!  Here we are at Sephora in Vegas looking fancy...

Mission San Miguel is pretty amazing.  It is a functioning church and closer to what I imagine the California Missions were really like.  When we lived in San Luis Obispo years ago I did a photo shoot at the San Miguel Mission and was excited to attend a wedding there.  It did not disappoint.

Getting ready for the wedding I applied my red lipstick and had to talk myself into wearing it.  I am not a "make-up" person because I barely have time to brush my hair sometimes let alone put on make-up.  In my mind I think the term "natural beauty" is what I use to describe my look.

So looking at my painted mouth before the wedding produced a debate in my head about the pro / cons of wearing red lipstick.  At the end I decided to go for it and had beautiful red lips in all the photos.  I even was told I look like an Italian Movie Star!  Thanks red lips!


  1. Glamorous! Italian movie star is exactly right.

    1. Thanks Siska! I'll bring it to Italy with me when we visit you and fit right in!