Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

"Vegas" is not my thing.

And by "Vegas" I mean drinking, partying, and gambling. Those are not my things. Also, cigarettes are not something I really like. So "Vegas" is not a place I would usually decide to visit. Which is obvious when you realize I have only gone twice and I live close enough to drive. The second time I went was just a few weeks ago.....

Now food, that is my thing. I have this balance between the cost of the food and the taste / experience of the food. Vegas has a lot of food. Some of it is amazing. Most of it is expensive.... I am still deciding if the food in Vegas is worth the price......

On this last trip I realized Vegas also has Red Rock Canyon. And Red Rock Canyon turned out to be one of my things.

When this trip came up I was discussing doing something outside of Vegas and the Middle Sister suggested hiking Red Rock Canyon. It was 15 minutes outside of downtown Vegas and I was in!
Our group arrived about 11am and started at the visitor's center to get our bearings. We had a dinner reservation at 4:30pm at Giada, so we needed to decide what hikes we could do and still make it to dinner on time.

We decided on the Moenkopi Trail and the Calico Hills. On our return trip we ended up on another trail and think we hiked about six miles in all. The weather was warm with a breeze and we were lucky to be hiking when some of the wild flowers were blooming.

A few words about these hikes. They are exposed and almost 100% full sun. They are "easy" and water is a must (there is a place to fill you water bottles near the bathrooms at the visitor's center). They are marked, but there are a few different trails in the Moenkopi Trail area and those are not always marked with the trail name. Instead you come across a marker that has "Trail" with two arrows. Or four arrows. And those arrows don't tell you which trail is which. This got us off course a bit, but it was all part of the adventure.

It seemed like a lot of people were visiting Red Rock Canyon on the day we were there. Probably because of the wildflowers and nice weather. We were planning on driving the scenic drive after hiking but ran out of time.

All in all I would say it was one of the highlights of this trip to Vegas. I will go again if I am in the area and look forward to hiking more trails and learning more about Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas!

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