Velkomin a Iceland

Sun Voyager, Reykjavik
Sun Voyager, Reykjavik

Welcome to Iceland! The Middle Sister and I are in Iceland with Mo for the next twelve days. We are on a trip with GeoTours and I am looking forward to seeing this country for the first time.
Icelandic water on IcelandAIR

We started a day early and had a great time going to the Blue Lagoon and then exploring downtown Reykjavik.
Blue Lagoon, Iceland- face masks

The tour officially started today with a walking tour of Reykjavik and tomorrow we leave the "town" and head to the country and start our counter clockwise loop of Iceland.

Tours are not really my thing, but I am excited to see Iceland with Mo and the Middle Sister. I am not sure what the wifi will be like but still look forward to sharing some of the adventures of Iceland soon. So far, so good! I know how to say "yes, no, and thanks" in Icelandic. As soon as I learn how to say "Where is the bathroom" I will be good to go... Wish me luck!


**This is part of my Iceland adventure in June 2015.  Read more about it HERE.**

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