Remembering Spring 2014

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Another spring come and gone.  Amazing.  I heard they just keep coming faster and faster now.  That is why I am living my life instead of waiting to be "older" and to "travel right".  I have mentioned this before, but my life happens because opportunities present themselves and I take them.  Life is short as the racing seasons are showing me, so I am happy to be able to live it.

That said, I still work and do all the things "grown ups" do.  I am just trying to find the adventure in my down time and make the most of every (almost every ...) situation I am in.  I think I am averaging about a B+ right now and I think that is pretty good.  Truth be told, I am mostly a B+ student anyway...  but I feel like I could be an A student and am going to start working on that in this subject at least.

Spring 2015 was interesting.  I just realized I didn't post about Remembering Winter 2015 and I think I can kind of combine those two post here.  I was on sabbatical in the Fall and back to work in January.  I don't write about work here, but let's just say there were a few people who I was not looking forward to seeing again.  So I decided to change my attitude and had these two things I said to myself over and over....

1. Treat others as you want to be treated.
2. I can not control things, but I can control my reaction to things happening around me.

These two sayings seeped into me and I find that they have surfaced in all parts of my life.  I kind of like that.  They have encouraged me to pause in my life before reacting to negative situations.  My life is getting a little (just a little) more zen like.  Yea for growing older I guess....

The spring seemed to be filled with little weekend trips or planning for the big Iceland trip.  I really like to travel locally and abroad so it was a good season.  I am hoping to get a few more local trips in this summer as well.  Maybe a Mammoth trip even!

The photo for the spring blog banner was taken on a morning run on the Santa Ana River Trail.  I run by this bridge at least three times a week.  During the winter I run in the dark and I can tell when spring is coming because I start catching sunrises.  So raise a glass to sunrises and another season gone by!  It was a nice spring...


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