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Hawaii - California

This last trip to Hawaii was a whirlwind. T and I returned for another change of command ceremony for his brother and could only squeeze four nights for this trip. We had one "free day" while his brother and family packed to move to Italy (yes we will be visiting them!) but we had a great trip. Here are a few photos from our adventure:

Our flight in. We flew Hawaiian Airlines and I was pretty happy with them. One of the few airlines with free food (breakfast on the flight) and a complimentary cocktail before we landed!

Next we ended up with this rental car as an upgrade when they didn't have the car we booked! Reserving through Costco got the second driver to be free...
We were picking up T's Aunt Rochelle and her flight was delayed so we got a plate lunch at Joe's Grill Express by the airport. You know it's good when the locals are lining up out the door!

Then we made it to our beach cottage on the military base that we shared with some childhood neighbors of T's. I know, right? Amazing. And our home for four nights. Last trip we stayed with his brother to help out but this trip the Aunt stayed with them as they tried to do everything for the change of command ceremony and pack! I think it was a gift to us because it was great to stay with the old neighbors (I met them once ten years ago) and wake up to the ocean every morning.
We still got to hangout with the family and meet Elliot the newest addition,
Photo by Kanan

And watch T and his niece have a blast.
Photo by Rochelle

There were a lot of events we attended for the change of command ceremony, and we had a good time.

Photo by Rochelle

Our trip home included an extra package as we are cat sitting once again while the family moves. Amelie will be hanging out with us for a bit....

I am not sure when we will return to Hawaii as we have always gone to visit T's family and now they have all moved away again. T used to live there and talks of returning one day. If we could have a cottage like the one we stayed in for those last four nights I might consider it! Until next time Hawaii, whenever that may be.... aloha....

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