So busy!

Hi all! Last week was crazy. For me and a lot of people I talked to. On Tuesday I swore the next day had to be Friday. Ever have those weeks? Yep, me too.

I have a blog post I can't wait to share that is an update of my Mom's garden. The Middle Sister and I sent short videos to the Little Sister while we were there and I am working on putting those videos together for an update.

I am also training for a half marathon and DREAD running on Tuesday nights per the Nike+ coach program I am following. So much that I might add that as part of my running blog posts. It gets me down each Tuesday night.....

AND I just started a 200 hour Yoga Certification Program. My weekends and Monday nights are booked. Not to mention all the reading and homework. It is a 10 week program and I know I will make it, but treading water is kind of what I feel like I am doing right now.

Almost a little too much on my plate. I guess that is life sometimes...

I am trying to get back into "Grad School" mode so I can make the most of every moment when it comes to studying and fitting everything in. Samson (photo above) knew what was up as soon as I busted out the wine and popcorn, my stress / get it done foods.

I feel so busy, but I think I am just out of practice. I am hoping that this week (another busy one) get me back into the swing of things and I start swimming instead of just treading water.

Wish me luck!