Four things I don' t like about treadmills

Last week I was in San Diego for two days for work. The hotel was by the airport but also right on the water. I was looking forward to getting up and having a great run around the bay but when I went outside the next morning it was raining. I sat there for a moment and went back and forth between running in the rain or running on the treadmill. As I didn’t have any rain- running stuff, I elected to run on the treadmill.

About five seconds in I remembered why I don’t run on treadmills.

I feel like a hamster on the wheel. I just keep running and running and not going anywhere.

I'm surrounded by people. When I normally run I'm with myself, the dog, and / or my sister. Running on a treadmill I'm surrounded by tons of people. When I run I think of it like going to church. On a treadmill I'm surrounded by a bunch of people and TV and noise and electronics it just takes that Zen feeling away from the run.

Mirrors. Do I even need to say anything more about this? Who wants to watch themselves run in a mirror? Not me.

I can stop anytime. This might not seem like a bad thing but for me I have to run a certain distance and then have to run back. On the treadmill when I'm bored, I can just stop. I find it really hard to keep going running on the treadmill.

A few miles into my run on the treadmill in San Diego, I started thinking maybe I should just go run outside, but lots of people were getting sick so I decided it was better to stay out of the rain. This little date with the treadmill reminded me why I’m an outside runner and so happy to live in a place where I can run year round.

The next half marathon is February 7 and training starts November 16. I'll see you out there!

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