Tuesday Runner, or not

The Middle Sister and I are in the process of training for a half marathon.  This will be her second and my third.  It started with a text message telling me “Our trainer said we run 3 miles tomorrow”.  My reply was something like “What trainer, and what are we training for?”.  She then told me we were going to run the Long Beach Half Marathon, Huntington Beach Half Marathon, and Orange County Half Marathon so we could get the Beach Cities Medal.  You have to run them consecutively to get the Beach Cities Medal.  I was planning on running the Huntington Beach Half anyway (it is on Superbowl Sunday) and it is nice to train with someone, so I went for it.

She said we should train with the NIKE+ Coach which is on the NIKE+ App.  We use NIKE+ to track our running and in the app you can tell it you are training for a Half Marathon and it will give you a weekly training schedule with miles and days to run them leading up to your event.  When I ran my marathon I followed a training plan in a book and when I ran the Long Beach Half, and HB Half, I just kind of did my own thing.

It was nice to have a training plan and to have someone to train with.  The Middle Sister and I usually run together on Monday and Wednesday mornings. NIKE+ started us running on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  A few weeks in we started running on Tuesdays as well.  The Middle Sister and I continued to run together on Monday and Wednesday morning but the other days we usually ran alone.  I always ran alone on Tuesdays.

We started the training program right before I went back to work and I was able to handle the extra days of running.  I was racking up the miles each week and we were both doing pretty well.  When school started I had to switch my Tuesday run to the evenings after work.

I am a morning runner.  I am not a morning person.  I run in the morning because I can’t run in the evenings.  And by can’t I mean it is a lot harder for me to get a run in at night.  It is so much harder that I would rather get up and run at 5:30am.  Remember I am not a morning person so this should say a lot.  I would rather run at 5:30am than at night.  Kind of insane, but night running is really hard for me.

So right now you might be thinking, why didn’t I just run on Tuesday mornings?  Good question.  The reason I don’t is because I go to yoga at 5:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
(I swear, I am not a morning person!)  Yoga is a good balance for running and I didn’t want to give it up especially when I was increasing my miles and the number of days I was running.  So I found myself running on Tuesday nights.

And it was hard!

So hard.  On my way home from work I needed to visualize getting home and out the door in five minutes and starting my run.  I had to think about the food I was eating before hand and the times I consumed that food.  I needed to have clean running clothes ready for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings.  

The first few Tuesday runs were mentally hard, but the miles were manageable (between 3-6) and I would make it home after sunset. Then the Tuesday runs started to have longer miles and I started to dread them.  One week the run was for seven miles and it sucked.  It hurt.  I got home way after dark.  And that is when Tuesday runs and I stopped dating.  Tuesday would call and say, “Hey Elizabeth!  Nine miles today.  You in?”.  And I started to say no.  

Looking back on it now I can see there were a lot of things going on that contributed to our breakup.  Too many things on my plate.  I had started a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (more on that soon!) at Yoga Tribe and that was pretty intense and taking a lot of my time.  In fact, the yoga teacher training had me break up with my Saturday runs after I ran 12 miles one Saturday then had to go to an hour hot yoga class and teacher training for five hours after that (I switched Saturday runs to Friday). I was wasted that weekend and that might of been when the Tuesday nine mile call came in.  Another contributing factor was Tuesday started asking for too much.  Sure Tuesday, we can hang out for 5 miles, but 9 miles is a little more of a commitment and I am not ready for that yet.  When a run was 5 miles or less, I was in.  

There was also a motivation factor.  When the Middle Sister had first contacted me about the Long Beach Half Marathon, I had looked at my calendar and realized I could not run it with her.  The 200 Hour Yoga Training I mentioned was during the day on Saturdays, Sundays, and on Monday nights.  I wasn’t going to be able to run the half marathon on a Sunday and make it to yoga training.  I told her but said I would still train with her and run the half marathon, just not in Long Beach.  She was cool with that and recruited another friend to complete the half marathon.  I mentioned we were using NIKE+ above and a cool thing about that app is it let’s you see your friend’s miles.  In the beginning I could see my sister’s miles and that kept me motivated.  Then she had to travel for business or couldn’t make a run and I was ahead of her in the NIKE+ miles  and less motivated to run those Tuesday nights.  

It was a strange place for me to be in.  I felt guilty for not meeting the running goals each week on NIKE Plus.  I knew I had too much on my plate and the running thing got bumped in priority.  I had really wanted to follow the NIKE+ Coach to see if my running improved, but I didn’t when I gave up Tuesday running.  I felt like I used to juggle so many things and wondered what was different now.  I am still trying to figure it out.

I guess something had to give.  And at the end of the day, that something was Tuesday night running.  And really, I guess that is not that bad.  It showed me that I couldn’t do everything this time.  I had to let something give, and by letting that happen, was able to balance everything else.  And I will still run the half marathon (this week actually).  And I will do the best that I can when I do.

So Tuesday night running and I had to break up, but I think we “Are still friends”.  And I hope that one day I can complete the NIKE+ half marathon training and see if Tuesday running and I can give it a try one more time.

Until then happy running!  I will see you out there, just not on Tuesday night….


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