Shopping Local

The other day in the grocery store I was on my way out when I saw the (cute) guy who works in the produce department.  I was thinking about Thanksgiving in my head and all of a sudden wondered if they had persimmons.  I walked over and asked and he said they did have persimmons but they were the acorn ones.  I asked if he was going to get any of the flat pesimmons and he said he would order some for me and they should be there in two days.

On my walk home (yes I can walk to my local grocery store!) I started to think how lucky I was to live so close to a grocery store and especially one that had such a great produce department.  T came home from the store a few months ago and said look what the produce guy gave me!  T had asked him if the apricots were any good and the guy gave him some to try for free.  This happened to me a few weeks ago when I was looking at something and he asked me if I needed help.  I asked him what I was looking at and what it tasted like and he gave me some to take home and try.

On my walk home I realized that since this store has opened up I have slowly stopped going to Farmer's Markets.  There were a combination of things that happened that contributed to this such as the market I liked switching locations, the prices going up, and the markets being really crowded even when I got their early.  I also have gotten really busy and find myself going to the store a few times a week to get things I am in the mood for.  This coupled with the fact that some weekends it was really hard to get to a Farmer's Market has slowed my market visits to once every few months.

And it turns out I am getting really good produce locally at my Huntington Beach Ralphs.  There is a big organic section and items are marked "I'm Local" if they are from close by.  Seasonal items are always the cheapest and those items I used to only find at the Farmer's Market are showing up in the produce section.

I think I will continue to stop by the Farmer's Market every two months or so to stay in the loop and see if I want to go back to getting the majority of my produce there, but I have to say, if my local store keeps up the good work, I will just be walking there.


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  1. Wow, I love that he will order you some of the flat persimmons! Awesome service!