Pomegranate Jelly 2015

Happy Holidays! I know it must be the holidays because Pomegraniate Jelly has been made with my Mom and the Sisters again. We are on the fifth year of this childhood process and have started to work out a routine. You can see past years HERE and HERE and HERE.

My Mom picks the pomegranates before we arrive and we have a big breakfast together. This year it was corneal pancakes and bacon with a sweet potato hash and some fruit. Cornmeal pancakes and bacon are my favorite breakfast foods from childhood! My Mom has also started making hot carob (also from childhood) but we can't get it to taste the same....

Once breakfast is over we start the Pomegranate Jelly making assembly line. I am the start. I open all the pomegranates and deseed them. The Middle Sister is usually second and she also takes the seeds out of the pomegranates and then squeezes them to get juice. The Little Sister works with my Mom measuring everything and then makes the jelly and cans it. This year the Middle and Little Sisters switched jobs and the Middle Sister helped make the jelly and can it.

My Mom does not water her pomegranate tree and every year I wonder if we will have any when it is time to make jelly. The drought in California has been pretty bad but so far, except for the year the tree was pruned, we have had enough pomegranates to make jelly. This year we made three batches for a total of thirty-six jars. Pretty impressive.

In past years we have gotten creative with the jelly, experimenting with less sugar or adding lemon juice. This year we kept the recipe close to the original but added lemon zest. I just realized I have yet to taste this years' batch! I wonder how it is? I remember it goes really well with brie..... I will need to test it before I give any out. You know, quality control and such.....

Happy Holidays!


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