Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!

Yes I know I am a little late, but I was in the land of very slow internet and it was too painful to try to deal with technology when the great outdoors was calling. Case and point:


But I still got a photo of the Neighbor's deer all dressed up. I guess he had a good New Years....


New Year's resolutions are not my thing. Instead I have yearly themes! I decide on a theme by Lunar New Year (February 8th this year) and so far that has been working pretty well for me. Except for 2015, but that update is coming in a bit.


I was in the Seattle area for Christmas with my Mom's side of the family. It was wet and cold, but awesome. Amazing food and sleep. I slept so much this holiday! Maybe it was because the sun would set at 4pm. Ouch. Still, we made the best of the daylight hours.


For New Years the cats and I (we are cat-sitting one cat) drove to the Mammoth area to spend it with T and Mr. and Mrs Fish Whisper. I felt so out of shape and decided to not snowboard, but got in a lot of hikes, even thought it was freezing. Litterally.




When I got home (T is skiing for another week), I was doing some meal prepping when I noticed some expired condiments in our fridge. I was in the "New Year" spirit and decided it was a good time to clear those out. I like schedules and think I will add this as something to do every new year. I know it is small, but it made me feel like I was unburdening our house in a strange way. And it wasn't overwhelming becuase it was just the door of the fridge. I highly recommend it. Plus I found something that was really old. Clearly not something we needed.


2015 was a great year and I think 2016 is going to be a great year too. Change is in the air. And while it makes me a little nervous, it also keeps me on my toes.


Welcome 2016! I am excited to see what you have in store.


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