39 and looking fine!

Happy birthday to me!

I recently turned 39 and truthfully I was like, Wow.  Girl you are 39 and hot.  I know.  My humility is really too much for this blog, but hear me out. 

I think it was more of one of those things were I felt good in my body.  I also had a lot of people be surprised I was as old as I was.  39, no way!  Yep.  Almost forty. 

I kind of feel that everyone will have these moments in their lives, where a number is not really that important.  And doesn't really define you.   I kind of felt that way about 39.  In my mind I kept thinking, wow 39....  this is awesome!  I am so happy to be alive.  So happy to be 39.  I feel great.  I look great. Life is good. 

39 and looking fine! I'll take it.

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