Year of the Monkey: 2016 Theme and Goals

Another year gone by. It was pretty epic for me. Iceland was a trip of a lifetime and I really enjoyed just living life this year. Does that seem strange? I guess I enjoyed the moments I was in while I was in them. And really tried not to take anything for granted. It was a pretty good year.

BUT, I didn't make my Year of the Goat / Sheep goals theme at all. And even didn't complete some of my goals. Major fail there. So what happened? Life I guess. Or me not staying focussed. It happens sometimes. I did have a lot of other great goals that I completed so I am not that worried about it. Clearly. Let's look back on the Year of the Goat/ Sheep shall we.

My theme: Look Great Naked. What happened? Crazy allergic reaction to face cream that had me in hives and a full body rash for about three weeks. I finally couldn't deal with it anymore and went to the doctor where he let me know my body was having an extreme allergic reaction and had basically spiraled out of control and couldn't get better. Hello anti-biotics and allergy medication. After that little adventure I threw out all kinds of "beauty" items and switched over to coconut oil and "the best deodorant ever". I was already pretty "natural" with my products, but became a little paraniod after that. My body had gotten so bad that it was reacting to everything. I slowly added a few things in, but was really cautions. When this all happened the "Look Great Naked" theme went out the window. Life happens. I am cool with it.

Some of my other goals for the year were:
  • Eat paleo 95% of the time
Hmmmm. Nope. Didn't make that goal. Over the year I probably ate paleo about 50% of the time. Ironic as I just started eating this way again two days ago. My allergies kicked up and I had been eating all kinds of crap food. I wanted to stop feeling awful, so I went back to paleo.
  • Start an Etsy shop.
Nope. Didn't do this either. I did take pictures of all kinds of stuff and had things ready to go but when it came time to do it I just didn't want another job. My current job takes up enough of my life. I didn't want another job to take up the time I was enjoying living.
  • Organize my desk.
I did do this and use my desk all the time! It is pretty nice. I do use it once in awhile to store my clean laundry before I put it away. But other than that, it is mostly clean and functional.

I also had some weekly goals that I probably completed about 50% of the time during the year and "things I wanted to do in 2015" that I never did. Looks like I had a goal issue last year. It wasn't that I didn't do things that weren't like my goals.... I just didn't complete the actual goals I had written down. For example, I wanted to do five new hikes in Orange County. I didn't do those hikes in Orange County, but I did do five new hikes. I guess that is why I am not so worried about all the things I didn't "officaily" do in 2015. Because I did do a lot of things that were close enough.
Which leads me to the 2016 Year of the Monkey Theme and Goals.

It is pretty simple. Try something new each month. At least one thing. Not that difficult. In January I went Cross Country Skiing in Mammoth. In February I have already tried a new restuarant. I have a list of things to choose from so I think I will make it through this year. And I think I am going to leave it at that. No long list of goals. No resolutions of any kind. Just to try something new each month. I like simple. And I like doable. This year is going to rock!

The face cream I tried was a face cream sample from Sephora by Dr Weil. It was supposed to be for sensitive skin. I put in on Friday morning, and Friday night I was watching a movie with my sisters and my eyes were bugging me. I looked in the mirror and had huge red welts on them. The next morning I woke up with swollen lips bigger than Angelina Jolie and was starting to feel off in my body. Sunday morning I had a rash under both arms and Monday morning I had a full body rash that started itching. I went to the health clinic at work and was given benadril and that helped. I started taking benadril at home for about five days and by then the rash was mostly gone, but my palms and the soles of my feet itched so bad! I would wake up in the middle of the night itching them. They eventually started to peel (fun times) and then I woke up and knew I had a bladder infection. I called the doctor and saw him that day. He told me my body was having an extreme allegic reaction and had become really imbalanced. Antibiotics and allergy medicine were perscribed. He also told me I didn't need a face cream as I looked great. So at least there was that silver lining.

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