Walt Pinot Noir 2013 La Brisa Sonoma County

A few days ago a friend and I celebrated her fortieth birthday at Fig and Olive in Newport Beach. It was my first time at Fig and Olive and I was very impressed. Everything was stunning and welcoming. But it was also very “Newport Beach”. I was glad I had worn my animal print scarf (thanks Naya!) and a black dress. I mostly fit in. And I can fake extreme confidence with the rest of them, so I held my own as I waited for my friend to arrive.

We ended up sitting outside and we were the kind of table I would love to have when I waited tables years ago. We ordered all kinds of items and they were really good. We were chill, but went with suggestions and kept things easy. We are going to go back for sure, but the thing I seem to salivate over the most when I think about our lunch is not the food but is the bottle of wine we ordered.

Walt Pinot Noir 2013.

When looking over the wine list I noticed the wine and saw that it had a female winemaker listed. It caught my eye and had a nice wine notes as well. When I asked our waiter Isaac about it, his description sold us on the bottle. I remember him saying something about a peppery finish and he was right. But it wasn’t overwhelming, just very complimentary to the rest of the wine. I took a photo so I could remember the bottle, and am on the look out to add a few bottles to my “collection”. And by “collection” I mean the bottles of wine I drink at my house...

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