Welcome Spring 2016

Happy first day of Spring!

I will be honest and say I want winter to hold on a little longer, but I live in Southern California and "winter" is a word that doesn't mean a lot here. The days are shorter and colder and it means we get rain and snow in the mountains. We could use some more rain and snow.

But as today is the first day of Spring, let's think of spring!

Daffodils make me think of spring. They don't grow very well were I live but you can buy them in a pot or as cut flowers. They remind me of the time I lived near Seattle for the winter and spring season. The winter was so dark and rainy, but all of a sudden daffodils were everywhere and it was spring. The splash of yellow against all that green really brightened my days when they bloomed.
Asparagus. I always think of asparagus in spring. Maybe because I notice it more or start to eat it more. The skinny sprigs call to me and I love roasting them for dinner.

Spring Break! I know I am one of the few lucky adults who has Spring Break and I am very grateful for that. I love Spring Break.

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