Bike to work- searching for the perfect bag

Hey! How is it going? Things are moving and shaking in my life but you probably already figured that out when I wrote "How to resign from a Job". The month of April has been, well rocky and unstable sound a little too negative for what it has been. I guess it has been out of my routine. In a good way, but I am a "planner" and someone who does well with a routine most of the time. The month or April has been about trying to find things that MIGHT fit in a routine. Because of that all my "normal" things (like blogging and eating!) have been all over the place. I stop training (at the new job) at the end of April so things might feel a little more stable in May, At least on my end.
One thing I have been trying out is biking to work. That is going to be part of my routine for sure! My job is only four miles from my house and I can bike most of the way on the river trail. I have only driven to work twice in the last three weeks. It is awesome. BUT....the bag I use sucks. It is a messenger-ish bag that I picked up from The Gap years ago. It slips a bit. Doesn't fit stuff comfortably and is not working out for me. I think I want a sling bag of some kind. I ordered something from Amazon, but it ended up being too small. I want something that goes on my back, not the bike, and someting that stays put but can care my lunch, water bottle, wallet, and iPad. And ..... maybe something I can strap my yoga mat to for the Wednesday's they offer yoga at lunch!
Any suggestions? Please help! I am looking for hip and comfortable and functional. It must exist, right?


  1. I don't bike so I don't know what will work. But I'm sure you'll figure it out! Trying out new bags is always fun!

    Would it make sense to leave a second yoga mat in your office? And maybe your water bottle too? I would plan to carry as few items as possible if I were biking to work. But, again, I don't bike to work so what do I know? Ha! Good luck!

  2. Good idea. I am a minanalist and only have one yoga mat, but maybe I could borrow one.....